Visualizing code evolution


In the last few months the team of which I’m project leader has been working extremely hard to finish our medical software application. We are now at the point that we can test it in the hospital, which for us is a real highlight! This is why I thought it would be fun to visualize the work the team has done.

I have used an application called Gource. It is a tool to create more or less organic animations of how a code base evolves. It uses the data available in a code repository (In our case Subversion). The branches that you can see appear show the tree structure of folders, the constellations that are attached are the files in these folders. The little guys, that’s us. I have anonymized the version of the movie that I am putting online here, But when you see the video, including the names of the persons, the file names and directories it becomes even more interesting.

Animation of the development of a software project

To go from a subversion repository to an web-based movie that runs in all browsers take quite a bit of figuring out, so I have gathered the tools I needed and wrote a script to that does this. You can download it here:

I you use it, please let me know. I’m curious to see the results!


  1. Lovely Movie!
    Would love to se another one without the zooming in and out.
    It Would really be à ting of beauty.


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