1. Cerco libreria EEprom per arduino due

  2. Hi,

    I m trying to compile you example code with Arduino IDE 1.0.5. But I not able to compiling it properly. I have copied error below .

    ‘EEPROM’ was not declared in this scope.

    please help me with this ……..


  3. Hi Thijs,
    have You seen anywhere DCF device project (sketch) under Esplora?
    There are pins D1, D0, D7, / D3, D11 (both on TK)
    For example, I tried read DCF via D3 on INT 1. Result: null
    Regards from Polish

  4. Ok, I have a solutions. Interrupt=0
    Regards .

  5. Hi,

    I’m intersting with your librairy, to communicate between NetDuino and ArDuino.

    Is your projet compatible with .Net Micro ?



    • Hi Vincnet, I do not have a NetDuino, so I haven’t tried. I never optimized for memory footprint or efficiency, so even if it works, it might be a bit heavy for the NetDuino. It looks like a cool idea, though, so let me know what you find!

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